Even though I absolutely love being a photographer and photographing families, I am notorious for forgetting to pull my camera out for family events and vacations. I still haven't quite found the balance of toting my camera and my baby at the same time...I always end up hitting him in the head with my lens as I bend over to pick him up, or bump into a cake with the lens and get icing all over it.

Luckily I remembered to whip out my camera to take some shots of my baby Huck's first birthday! I always told myself I wouldn't be one of those mom's with a Pinterest party for their one year old, but here I am! Even though I did a cute theme, I tried to keep it simple and fun for everyone who came by. I think all babies and birthdays are worth celebrating!

The first thing I did was cut out crowns for the guests out of construction paper with a template I found online. Using the same template, I made Huck's crown using this tutorial I found on Pinterest, but I added the fur trim to make it more like the crown in the book. From the scraps from making his felt crown, I made the cake topper for his cake and mini cupcake toppers.

For the banners, I found a ton of ribbon in the colors I wanted from a discount craft store in Tempe, called Sas. Then I used hot clue and felt to make the "1" banner for his high chair. I used burlap, ribbon, and a sharpie (haha!) for the "Wild One" banner. I seriously didn't even know I could be this crafty.

Probably my favorite part of all the decorations was the "Where the Wild Things Are" book. I put a sign next to it with some Sharpies, asking guests to write a birthday wish in it for baby Huck! Then at the end of the party, Kendall and I wrote our own birthday wishes for him. We decided that we will do this every year for his birthday, so that he always has sweet notes from his loved ones from each birthday.

Everyone at the party seemed to enjoy our treats, except Huck, who didn't even smash his cake! He sure did like all the attention though, as usual.